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1-Download Wallet

It's your first time, so you need to download your new and fresh Wallet API ("IOTA Trinity Wallet") to manage your futur winings :) Download official here.


After fast and easy learnning on Download official here. you can log with your wallet password. So now, you'r ready to use your wallet right ?

3-Click receive

Choose your account ( if multiple seed/account ) and finally click on "receive" to access to your panel.

4-Generate address

Your "Trinity Wallet" must creat a new iota address for your own security, don't forget to change after each transaction. learn more.


Copy your new address and then past it here on / After that, you'r ready to play and win some iotas.

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graphic fix and code fix alpa v 1.1.5


Withdrawal/login fix, many option and code fix alpa v 1.1.3

02/05/2019 in many social media, + some fix alpha v 1.0.3


Graphic fix, many option and code fix alpha v 1.0.1


Graphic fix alpha v 0.9.1

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